HOW much longer are the authorities in York going to pussy-foot around the hordes of drunken louts who descend on the city every weekend (and particularly race weekends)?

It was absolutely disgraceful that Dr Gaur and the staff at York A&E should have to face verbal abuse and even clear up after the drunken idiots (Drunks put York A&E department under pressure, July 29).

These people should never have been allowed anywhere near A&E, let alone using valuable ambulances to ferry them there.

It is an insult to law-abiding citizens when these louts are given priority treatment because they cannot hold their drink.

The only emergency service involved should have been the fire brigade - a long, slow hose-down in the middle of the road or gutter or wherever they have keeled over and then a march on foot to Fulford Road police station where charges were brought against them (and costs for any services used) would be a lesson not easily forgotten.

York would soon be a much more peaceful place and could be enjoyed by residents and visitors alike, instead of being like a war zone every weekend.

P M Batey, Gladstone Street, Acomb, York.