SO the council has decided to refund the many tourists and general public who were fined during the Lendal Bridge fiasco.

How very gallant. But only if the unlucky people go through the proper channels to claim so as to ensure there won’t be any fraudulent claims.

The council has all the details (or rather the company away from York has them), so why not just reimburse the people now?

The council was very quick to charge them and to add further charges if the fines were not paid immediately. So rather than setting up a long-winded application process, why not just pay it back?

Of course, the public who were fined could also make a counter claim having not been refunded the money immediately?

This is really not a gesture of goodwill on the council’s part, but more a complete nightmare on a par with the closure of the bridge.

Does the council ever do anything that doesn’t involve more meetings and agendas?

S McClaren, Boroughbridge Road, York.