I SUSPECT Keith Chapman’s No Party idea (Letters, July 29) will bring him only disappointment.

What makes me think that? In 1979 I was elected to Basildon District Council as a candidate for Billericay District Residents Association (BDRA).

BDRA put up three candidates in each Billericay Ward and won all nine seats. The thrust of our campaign was to treat everything on its merits.

Thus armed with the balance of power we attempted to negotiate with the only two other parties with seats.

The Labour Party turned us down flat saying that as they were the largest party we should support them.

The Conservatives entered into talks with us and, as a result of what they agreed to offer us for the benefit of our electorate, we formed a coalition with them.

Throughout our three-year term in office Labour did everything they could to sabotage the administration, always voting en masse against whatever we attempted to achieve.

There was never any effort to put the interest of voters ahead of their own vested interest to the extent of constantly referring to “our people” ie Labour voters.

I believe that none of the main parties are exempt from this blinkered attitude.

A No Party would need a leader and some kind of discipline.

The days of altruism in politics are long gone.

Ralph Harness, Bramham Road, York.