CITY of York has done it again. Why does it make things so difficult for small businesses that comprise the core of the city?

I passed a couple of ladies recently and one of them said: “I love coming to York because of all the different shops”. These are the businesses that struggle on a daily basis to contribute something unique to the city, while trying to keep their heads financially above water.

L’Antica Locanda restaurant in Shambles is a unique and enjoyable Italian experience. Recently, with the new market developments, this business has lost thousands of pounds after trying to negotiate with the council regarding its outside seating area.

The council has demolished the seating area without recompense, and it would seem without thought to what mayhem it was causing its proprietor.

I know the market needs to go ahead, but why should it be at others expense? Has nobody told the council that the current invaders to the city of York are not Romans or Vikings, who need to be kept away, but tourists who visit because of all that is wonderful about the city?

Tourist cash flow nourishes the creative individuals trying to provide and market something different, while they remain at the mercy of ridiculously high rents.

Is it not time for a shift in consciousness and consideration for those making the decisions?

Lorenza Cangiano, All Saints Cottages, North Street, York.