HERE is the result of a good night out beside the river near Scarborough Bridge.

Dog bin smashed up, cans, bottles and the remains of takeaways strewn around. Turf burned by numerous fires, trees damaged. It’s the work of drunken, oafish children.

Dozens of them turn up nightly and leave it looking like this. I’d like to pay tribute to the selfless individuals, mostly dog-walkers, who turn out next day with bags and without fuss, to try to clear up.

This area is one of York’s shop windows, visible from the train and the river and the many visitors strolling up to Clifton Bridge.

A woman walking her dog down from the campsite in Clifton Park, who said she was from Bradford, surveyed this scene and said: “I can’t believe it. I didn’t know York people were like this.”

It is odd that York seems to have a promotional budget to boast of its improving “offer” to tourists yet lacks the resources to keep its natural attractions, as well many of its streets, properly clean and tidy for all of us to enjoy.

Time for a rethink on priorities.

Mick Hickling, Clifton Dale, York.