D M DEAMER’S letter (My messy ideas, Letters, July 25) and others regarding the messy state of York’s streets prompts me to voice support for his idea of community wardens.

Except we have them already, bar a bit of authority, reshuffling and training: namely the traffic wardens.

I have long advocated extending their powers. Litter has been a problem for at least a decade!

The wardens on the streets are where it counts, and with the right powers could make those who drop litter accountable.

I truly feel that most people have a guilty conscience - and a gentle approach from someone in a uniform - a simple request that they retrieve their discarded litter and place it in a bin - would in most instances work wonders.

But if the soft approach strategy doesn’t improve the problem, well, police have the power to issue on-the-spot fines for traffic misdemeanours.

It would be worth consideration giving similar power to wardens. Perhaps the power to ask for ID and tell the persons concerned that they need to “clean up their act’ and that they are now on record.

In my opinion and observations, having lived close to and worked in the heart of the city for two decades I regret to say that the city is dirtier nowadays and it’s not predominantly because of an increase in tourists.

David Brooks, Stockton Lane, York.