MOST of us are watching daily with disbelief as, due to the excellent investigative skills of The Press, more details of this incompetent York administration are revealed.

It’s like watching a perpetual car crash in slow motion that you’re powerless to influence. A Labour majority and City of York Council senior management see to that.

Lendal Bridge is an ongoing financial disaster with coverage in national newspapers, with multi-million readerships, pouring embarrassment on this fine city of York.

Both James Alexander and Dave Merrett have catastrophically proved that they possess none of the skills to do their jobs competently. In the real world they would have been sacked some time ago, not asked to resign.

Recent ICO rulings have proved that there is a pervasive culture of secrecy and a disregard for public accountability for which Kersten England, who earns as much as a government cabinet minister, should now question her own position.

Yet there is no sense of remorse, humility or cognisance from any of the above. With these people at the helm, there will be more disasters to come and York residents will be the unfortunate recipients.

Nick Love, Deangate, York.