IN RESPONSE to the letter of July 24 from Dorothy who wrote to ask about the poppy and wildflower meadows along Poppleton Road.

I am pleased to be able to reassure her that City of York Council has agreed that we can maintain the land as meadows for four years – and we are hoping that we may be able to secure them for longer.

As well as a being a living memorial, planted to commemorate all who suffered during the First World War, we hope these meadows will encourage pollinators and other insects for years to come.

The meadows have been created by volunteers here in Holgate, local people who have worked hard to fundraise, grow plug plants and plant seeds and the work continues as we plan for mowing in August (an essential part of meadow maintenance) and other work.

I must also take the opportunity to add that we are working hard to develop the less successful area behind The Fox Inn.

If anyone would like more information about the plans (or would like to get involved (as there is lots more to do!), please contact me or visit

Jane Lund, Chair, Poppy Road Poppy Project, Howe Hill Road, York.