THE closure of Lendal Bridge caused me no inconvenience, but I did read the report and made some enquiries of councillors and of the author of the report. The withdrawal of the scheme seemed to make comments superfluous.

Nevertheless, from my incomplete understanding of the problem I would say the mistakes that Derek Shaw would have us forgive (Letters, July 23) were not simply “in the implementation of the scheme”. The report itself, being the composite views of many hands, was (to my mind) of doubtful validity.

I would suspect from the answers I was given that no one scrutinised the report with the great care such a proposal demanded. The faith councillors have in officers continually surprises me, and I am sure is debilitating.

We all benefit from criticism, and although the harsh criticism of Labour councillors may be justified, it is perhaps for the wrong reason. In any case it should be shared, as is the responsibility, by the officers involved.

It is easy enough to change councillors (as many correspondents have threatened to do), but how does one change attitudes?

William Dixon Smith, Welland Rise, Acomb, York.