I WOULD like to inform readers of council procedures, as they have not been accurately portrayed by Mr Jones and Mr Wardell (Letters, July 22).

The council’s constitution allows residents to address council for three minutes, and a number did in relation to a petition on hydraulic fracturing.

When a petition is presented to council, it is required to present at the next meeting and discussed if more than 1,000 signatures are collected. Mr Jones is incorrect when stating the discussion was not needed last week.

With regard to the seating, the council chamber has a fire certificate for 100 people.

Once councillors, officers and media places are allocated, this leaves 40 places. As 12 speakers had registered, 28 places were available in the public gallery, although a room with video feed was provided.

After the petition debate, many residents left the chamber, freeing-up the majority of the 28 seats, and allowed the small number in the video room to enter.

Finally, Mr Jones is incorrect about the Guildhall’s use once in 15 years for a planning meeting. It is unsuitable for such use as it does not have the required audio technology or equipment for those with disabilities.

Cllr Tracey Simpson-Laing Deputy Leader, City of York Council.