LAST week Labour councillors voted as one to defeat my motion on Lendal Bridge and save the jobs of Cllr Alexander and Cllr Merrett.

The result means that a number of things which should have happened have still not happened.

No Labour councillor has taken responsibility for the botched trial; no Labour councillor has apologised for it; and Labour councillors have refused to accept that motorists fined using an unlawful enforcement method should be repaid automatically.

Cllr Merrett survives in the cabinet despite saying that he would resign if the fines given to motorists were proved to have been unlawful.

Cllr Alexander survives as leader despite his failure to recognise the damage that his party’s policy has done to York’s reputation.

It was noticeable that neither man spoke in the debate to defend their policy or their actions.

The vote last night follows the vote last month when Labour councillors blocked Lib Dem calls for a full cross-party review of the trial.

Labour councillors had a chance to resolve these issues. Unfortunately, they failed to do so.

Cllr Keith Aspden, Leader of York Liberal Democrats, Heath Moor Drive, Fulford, York.