I ATTENDED the Council ‘pantomime’ last Thursday. It was neither funny nor entertaining.

Proceedings were dragged out by indulging numerous speakers from the anti-fracking brigade to ensure as little time as possible was left for the censure motion against councillors Dave Merrett and James Alexander.

Nevertheless, there was hearty public applause when those responsible for the Lendal Bridge debacle were called on to resign.

This clapping would have been greater if all members of the public had been allowed to attend, but one could only get in with a pre-booked ticket.

Those citizens not knowing about this restriction (on alleged health and safety grounds) were ushered into a separate room with a screen link. In fact only half the seats in the public gallery were occupied and they could all have been admitted without difficulty.

Not that it mattered because the Labour sheep dutifully pressed the correct buttons – even the ones that have been marked as unwanted at the next election.

Mr D Wardell, Malton Road, York.