THE wrongfulness of many Israeli practices, such as the repression of the Palestinians through building for Israeli habitation on the other state’s land, cannot be justified.

Nor can the constant checking and delays at state borders be acceptable.

And the sadness and honour of any killing of anyone, anywhere, at any time, must be strongly condemned.

However, it would be wrong not to condemn, equally, both the Israelis and the Palestinians for using force, including military force, against each other.

No matter what the provocation, the use of violence is utterly wrong. Furthermore, violence begets violence so, in reality, perpetuates the killing, maiming and injuring of people.

There is no justification for either the Israelis or the Palestinians hitting back violently in order to either seek revenge or to keep their people ‘safe’, as it is morally wrong to do so.

The only positive way forward is to negotiate and renegotiate until peaceful co-existence is achieved.

Then it will be essential to work hard to keep and promote peacefulness and better understanding of all concerned.

As long ago as 1667, Quaker Isaac Penington wrote: “Our life is love and peace and tenderness; and bearing one with another, and forgiving one another, but playing one for another and helping one another up with a tender hand.”

Janet Rowntree, Escrick, York.