IF Heather Causnett (The Press, July 8) is so keen on keeping the city streets clean and free of litter, why doesn’t she become part of the big society and volunteer to sweep the streets herself with other like-minded folk?

Once again we hear the cry: let the unemployed do it.

Most unemployed people don’t wish to be unemployed and would jump at the opportunity to be employed and have jobs as street cleaners with a proper wage and a dignified profession.

People like Heather have no real understanding and attitudes like hers is what creates unemployment in the first place. Why pay someone to do something when you can ‘force’ someone to do it for nothing? Shame on all of you that continue to demand such non-sensible solutions to unemployment.

Create jobs! Do not demean people. I hope she never finds herself or her family or friends in such a position. What next, the workhouse?

W Rawcliffe, Wharton Avenue, York.