WHAT has happened to the York city council street grate cleaning system? We get two days and one night of rain and what happens?

We have flooded roads (July 13). I had to drive down North Lane, Huntington village, only to be confronted by a hundred yards of the road under two to three inches of water. Also, vehicles turning around in North Lane, rather than carrying on!

Surely this is a priority to keep the drainage system cleared.

I pay my council tax, and I am one of the voters who put you into office. I also must mention the closure of Lendal Bridge: it was my option that it was excellent, and a tactical move. Services ran on time and emergency vehicles drove with no delay.

But because of Labour council putting pressure for the reopening of Lendal Bridge, they were more concerned of losing public votes in the next election.

There is always another Labour candidate willing to step into the breach, who won’t be afraid to back the council, concerning the traffic problem which continues in the city of York.

Michael Crombie, Huntington, York.