I WAS recently given a card which says: “Help us to improve your street by reporting on telephone action line 551551”.

I have done this three or four times but nothing has happened.

In Haxby and Wigginton our gutters are full of clumps of weeds on many roads, and when the verges are cuts all the grass cuttings are left over pavements.

When the pipes were being laid on Wheatfield Lane, a very large lorry came onto the verge near the bus stop. At that time the ground was very soft so it left a large dip.

I notified York Pride but nothing was done and now it cannot be seen because the grass has covered it. If anyone is going for a bus and they walk on that part they could damage their ankle.

I have written to York Pride and hope they will do something to rectify the situation but I wanted you to be aware of the problems. It is disgraceful to let the roads get into this state.

Mrs Jean Nichols, Brecks Close, Wigginton, York