YORK’S Local Plan is going to fail because it is driven by James Alexander’s apparent contempt for York homeowners, particularly those in rural areas.

Mr Alexander’s achievement in gaining control of the council in 2011 was commendable. However, there is a difference between winning an election and leading a great city.

Sadly, time and again, Mr Alexander has confirmed that he lacks the leadership that comes with training, time and experience. Consequently, he is pursuing a Local Plan that is alienating large swathes of York’s population, showing the same stubbornness that led to the debacles over Union Terrace car park and Lendal Bridge.

The city has a desperate need for a Local Plan. However, the proposed plan would destroy vast areas of York’s surrounding countryside.

I call on Mr Alexander to ditch the “new towns” on fields that should continue to be used for agriculture and make “greenfield” development modest and incremental.

Then, we could work together with a united voice on a plan that would deliver for York, which all political parties could support and which the people of York would support.

Councillor Joe Watt, Conservative, Skelton, Rawcliffe & Clifton Without, Deputy Chair – Local Plan Working Group, City of York Council.