ONCE again York council has found a way to milk the residents, i.e. £20 for a residents parking badge.

Could anyone inform me of three things that this council has given the residents for free and to the benefit of us.

Was this idea dreamed up by the same buffoon who gave us the Lendal Bridge fiasco? Probably.

If the York council want to balance their books they should stop wasting our money on silly things like yellow bicycles all over the city.

More has been spent on a short-term project than spent on Christmas decorations which at least the residents can enjoy.

Who votes these people into the jobs? I have yet to find someone who voted for a Labour-run York council.

Time for a change I think.

Give the residents something back for all the rubbish we take from them.

Mr A Atkinson, Disgruntled York resident for 60 years, North Moore, Huntington, York.