DO WE really have democracy in York or is it just a veneer?

Take the recent Labour Party councillor selection at Clifton – reduced from three positions to two because of boundary changes. Three of the candidates are already serving the ward but, unbelievably, all three – Ken King, David Scott and Helen Douglas found they had been dropped – despite 50 years service among them with CVs including Lord Mayor, leader of York Labour group and chair of safety overview and scrutiny.

I don’t know any of them personally, but it would appear to be shabby treatment for dedicated, loyal public service.

Politics is a brutal business – but at least they were stabbed in the front. Were they too old; do they not tow the party line, have they just gone past their sell-by date or just ineffective?

Some 20 branch members – out of the thousands who live in the ward – decided their fate. We only vote on candidates locally and nationally selected for us in a process outside our control as, ordinary mortals, we have no say.

Perhaps we should be thankful we are allowed to put a cross “X” on paper – but is this really democracy?

Keith Massey, Acaster Malbis, York.