AM I the only person to be outraged by the changes made to the Minster badge scheme?

How has this scheme gone under the radar and not been properly aired with the residents of York?

While I understand the need to update these stickers and re-validate them, I would like to know how they justify charging £10 per year, per car.

These badges are identified with the car registration and are not transferable, nor do you get a second badge at a reduced cost if a family has more than one car.

It also doesn’t recognise if you have already had to subscribe to a residents parking permit scheme.

If we accept this new scheme (stealth tax), what assurances do we have that this won’t be increased again in 2016 when the new sticker expires?

Our original white badges with a blue picture of the bar walls were given to us as city of York council taxpayers.

It feels like we are having to supplement the council. Is it only me who thinks we pay a lot in council tax for very little return?

Mrs J Townend-Whattam, Westlands Grove, York.