RECENTLY due to a family bereavement I had occasion to travel by a cross country train route from York to St Austell’s. The last time was more than five years ago.

After paying an extra fee on the return journey, rather than having to change trains at Birmingham, one redeeming feature, the train was on time. However, when it comes to first impressions witnessed by tourists there isn’t much to be desired on the approach to many of our major cities by rail.

For example derelict buildings, noticeable in Leeds, Sheffield and Birmingham, along with abandoned material, ie old railway lines covered in foliage along track sides, of long standing, not exactly the image to encourage tourists and commercial enterprises to relocate.

Surely this infrastructure needs to be a priority which in turn will give employment; derelict buildings into affordable housing and building material recycled. Terry’s factory is a prime example.

Kenneth Bowker, Vesper Walk, Huntington, York.