I REFER to Mr Hawley’s letter of July 8 about speeding casualties.

Perhaps not surprisingly, he appears to only consider the rise in 20mph zone casualties as the fault of drivers.

Can I remind him that the propaganda used to justify blanket limits in York didn’t refer to casualty reduction but more to creating an atmosphere of apparent safety for cyclists and pedestrians.

Has he even considered that the boot may be on the other foot and pedestrians are now taking less care in the mistaken belief that in a 20mph area they are totally safe?

As a collision investigator I seem to spend more time looking into cases where it is pedestrians stepping out into the path of vehicles.

I have three such cases on going with pedestrians walking out in front of buses, none of which were speeding at the time and all have CCTV fitted to show the events.

In one case, the pedestrian is on a pelican crossing and walking out contrary to a red pedestrian light.

In all three the pedestrian never looks towards the approaching bus at all despite it being only metres away.

What next, someone telling us cyclists don’t jump red traffic lights or ride along footways?

M J Natt, Orchard Close, York.