I AM writing this letter from Germany, where I have been travelling around the country on holiday, and I am amazed that solar power installations are everywhere I have travelled, from Cologne in the north to Fussen near the Alps in the south.

Solar panels are fitted to literally thousands of roof tops, from private houses to major factories, car showrooms, covered car parks and storage areas, solar panels are everywhere.

Schools, public buildings, you name it, and panels are installed.

If the slope of the roof is not ideal, then shorter, near vertical panels are fitted, on angled brackets.

The most startling sight for me though, is acres and acres of fields covered with thousands of panels, they are at ground level and not very intrusive to the eye.

The land covered by panels need not be prime agricultural land, and is often on the edge of forests.

I think Germany is making a policy to keep up to speed with their future electrical requirements, they also have much larger wind turbines than ours to supplement solar power, I hope our UK government are following this example.

Stuart Wilson, Vesper Drive, Acomb, York.