THE BBC is using all its state-funded resources to excuse Israel’s massacres in Gaza.

It is again pushing the idiocy that the rockets from Gaza are not a response but a provocation. It has hardly mentioned Israel’s war on the West Bank or Syria.

Since 2006, Israel has blocked all export and import routes into Gaza, breaching UN resolutions and international law, it has made Gaza into the World’s largest Prison and forced separation from the West Bank simply because it elected a government which they, the US – and thereby the UK – disapproved of.

It has terrorised this tiny fragment of Palestine without remission and assassinated its political representatives at will. It is an apartheid state every bit as disgusting as its old ally and BBC favourite, South Africa was.

Hamas could not prevent rockets being launched from Gaza, that the fathers and brothers of murdered children respond in this desperate, futile fashion is well known to Israeli governments, it gives them an excuse to reject any peace proposal and hang onto the 35 per cent of Palestine occupied by illegal settlements.

Roger Westmoreland. The Oval, Pocklington.