I FOLLOWED the York Départ from the city centre like thousands of others – a great spectacle indeed.

However, I must comment on the road closures and the information that was given out by local Tour information office.

Knowing that Beckfield Lane was one of those closed on the day, I contacted the helpline two weeks before the big day and they confirmed that from 4am till sometime after the race no vehicles were to use the road – and if I needed to use my car on the day, I would need to move it the night before to a place nearby not affected by the closures.

I was also told that I would be receiving a letter from the council, yet no such letter arrived. Imagine my surprise on the day when at 7.30am traffic was flowing normally. No road closure signs at Wetherby Road junction at any time.

Numerous residents were looking out and wondering why there were so many cars on a closed road.

Those responsible for giving out the information to residents should have ensured that all residents were given the correct information regarding road closures for the day.

John Eaves, Beckfield Lane, Acomb, York.