YORK will never forget the Tour de France stage start – a carnival atmosphere, a huge crowd, dry weather, a world-class sporting event in the region.

From my vantage point at Clifford’s Tower, I managed to video the chain of events, but my amateurish effort only caught the top of the cycle helmets,and the handlebars of the support bikes. But I did get a good photo of the Lancaster and Spitfire.

The images of Yorkshire beamed around the world must have pleased the tourists chiefs and local authorities.

My favourites were the yellow jersey planted on top of York Minster, and the yellow-coated sheep.

I would like to mention those who do not often get a mention, namely the volunteer guides, council staff and the emergency workers.

With this sucess, surely City of York Council will now povide us with seats in Parliament Street, stain-free pavements, a proper bus station, fantastic Christmas lights and an all-seater football stadium. But don’t hold your breath. C’ est la vie.

Tony Furnandiz, Calf Close, Haxby, York.