FOLLOWING the letter of July 8 with reference to the fly-past on Sunday during the cycle race, although not a supporter of this event, I believe the following points are worth comment.

1. The Lancaster bomber is woven into the fabric of this region. Many flew from airfields in this area with crews risking life and limb to free Europe, so cycle races and such like could be held in complete safety and security. Ladybower Reservoir, used by the Dambusters for training, was on the route.

2. I would guess that many of the competitors on Sunday from the home of this race and the Low Countries will have looked up at these great aircraft, which played such an important part in securing their freedom, and perhaps not realised the significance as they had other things on their minds. It was not lost on me.

3. I note that the winner of the first and last stage of the race in the UK, a German, was not put off by this spectacle, and good on him.

These two old ladies can fly over my house as low and as often as they wish.

Keith Isaac, Byron Drive, York.