YORK did brilliantly as host of the Tour on Sunday.

Congratulations to the local organisers, especially Cllr Sonja Crisp’s team. Also to everyone who did side events too, or who put up bunting, decorated their streets, donned costumes, played music or joined in the excitement.

Bishopthorpe Road’s street party was brilliant. Well done to the traders’ co-op there. I salute you.

Also the Golden Ball’s cycling-themed fun day on Saturday was delightful and a showcase of local talent.

Cyclists were in full force all weekend and not only the professionals.

Pedestrians reached a critical mass too on Bishopthorpe Road.

I’m proud of York for its cycling yellow fever. We are hot at events and festivals! Our city is so much fun.

Cllr Anna Semlyen, Labour Dringhouses and Woodthorpe, Chair of Economic Scrutiny, Grange Street, York.