THERE appears to be considerable confusion regarding access and road closures especially in Holgate and Acomb.

Lots of people are confused regarding Poppleton Road – many believe the large yellow panels placed on street lamp posts mean the whole length of the road is closed, whereas others understand that this cannot be the case because there would be no need as the route crosses/joins further up the road where it meets Boroughbridge Road at the Junction with Water Lane.

The confusion is caused by the signage, which is in the usual inimitable fashion of highways and transportation (the most likely candidates unless poor signage is contagious to other departments).

Usually a valuable word or key piece of information is missing, such as the word ‘this’ or ‘ahead’ (as in ‘this road’ or ‘the road ahead’). The result is that no one can understand what is meant correctly. Surely just ‘Road Closed’ would do?

Perhaps they do this because they deliberately wish to confuse us, or they don’t know themselves until the last minute what they are doing, or someone somewhere is undecided?

Kevin J. Ward, Lindsey Avenue, York.