AFTER living in York for most of my life, I had become anaesthetised to the problem of getting round by car.

The more houses and flats that are built generate more vehicles on already clogged roads. These houses and flats are necessary, but these new householders in the main also have cars. Now, there are numerous 20mph signs. If only! On some of these roads you would be lucky to reach that speed because of all the traffic.

When we retired three years ago, my husband and I were in a position to live anywhere, where previously our jobs kept us in York. We moved to the outskirts of Barnsley which we have never regretted. The countryside around us is amazing. Traffic jams non-existent, great places to visit, great places to shop. The South Yorkshire people are friendly and warm.

Even though I have friends and family still in York, I do not think we would ever move back. I visit most weeks but sometimes it takes longer to get across town than it does to get from Barnsley to York, as it did last Tuesday. When will it be accepted that the A1237 has to be a dual carriageway?

Ann Cruickshank, Edgehill Road, Staincross, Barnsley.