MAY I correct the caption relating to the two photographs purporting to show Haxby level crossing on page 35 of the June 30 edition of The Press.

The left side photograph in fact depicts Haxby Road level crossing, which is 71 chains nearer to York than Haxby Station (its correct name) level crossing.

The former was controlled by an adjoining gate box which closed in 1988, whereupon the level crossing was converted to lifting barriers operated by Strensall signal box with the aid of closed circuit television.

Haxby Station level crossing, the right side photograph, four miles/18 chains from York Station, was originally controlled by the signal box seen in the photograph, which was downgraded to a gate box in 1964 when freight facilities were withdrawn.

That too closed in 1988, and the level crossing is now also controlled by Strensall signal box by exactly the same method as Haxby Road level crossing.

Charles Allenby, West Close, Swinton, Malton