WITH regard to the recently published road closures for the Tour De France, on the map printed in The Press on June 30, the key shows the A1237 closed from the Millfield Lane roundabout to the B1224 Wetherby Road roundabout.

Since Monday of this week, an electronic sign has appeared at the Rawcliffe roundabout stating that the A1237 is in fact closed from there on Sunday.

If you continue further along the A1237, the next few signs state that the A1237 is only closed from the A59 roundabout.

Also, in The Press article there was no mention of Leeman Road, Beckfield Lane and Knapton Lane being closed on Sunday.

Why are there currently signs in place on those roads stating as such? Given City of York Council’s record regarding the Lendal Bridge signage fiasco, it’s reassuring to see that once again they are at the the top of their game.

Chris Pearson, Almsford Drive, York.