FOR once, all political parties in York have combined their efforts to ensure that the public money involved in the use of spy cars is fully cost effectively spent.

So what now happens? Big brother in Westminster, ever mindful of the opinion polls, sticks its oar in and prohibits the attempts of City of York Council and the police to protect the welfare of the disabled and other vulnerable members of the public, who are severely inconvenienced/penalised by pavement parking and other motoring offences.

I have recently become disabled and have been forced to buy a disability scooter, which following a fall due to pavement parking by cars, I am now unable to use.

When the news broke of the spy cars, I contacted the council and asked that after school-run duties, this facility be used to prevent the abuse of the disabled parking facilities in York.

I heard nothing further but the pavement parking in Acomb, combined with the horrendous state of the pavements in the shopping area, is fast creating a no-go area for the disabled/elderly in Acomb.

Liz Edge, Parkside Close, York.