AS A pedestrian, I am fed up with cyclists who think they have a right of way on footpaths.

Pavements are for walking on and not cycling.

Some cyclists even expect you to move out of the way or step into the road. Also I have encountered many times nearly being knocked over on crossings when the green man is on for me to cross, cyclists taking it upon themselves to cycle through red lights.

My colleague suffers no end of abuse while walking to work and only last week was told in no uncertain terms to move out of a cyclist’s way on a narrow bit of the pavement in Coppergate, just because this cyclist was not prepared to wait behind buses waiting to turn into Piccadilly or go straight across to Stonebow.

Yes, by all means cycle on the pavement when there is a shared line for pedestrians and cyclists, but do not expect a pedestrian to move out of your way when there is clearly a good bit of road.

There has been a few letters from cyclists complaining about motorists; cyclists should give more due care and attention to pedestrians before someone gets hurt.

S Cocker, Almsford Road, York.