AT this time of the year when churches are left open, it is distressing for parishioners to have to clear up plastic drinking glasses, sweet, biscuit and crisp packets, as well as dozens of cigarette stubs left in the pews by disrespectful visitors.

There are many York citizens like myself who appreciate the privilege of living in such a beautiful city, architecturally and historically.

We learn, too, every day from our excellent Press of the many wonderful people in charitable and non-charitable organisations throughout the city who work tirelessly year in year out, making life better for many by way of communication and fundraising. A growing need in today’s world.

What great planning from you to have a Community Pride Award event.

York is rich in talented teachers of sport, arts and crafts, musical theatre, brilliant journalists and photographers, not forgetting the silent disciples in the background who give their all without thanks.

Bless you one and all. How great thou art.

Proud to be a “Yorkie”.

Barbara Woodley, Fulford, York.