LIKE everyone else, I am disillusioned with England’s World Cup performance – or lack of it – in Brazil.

I got more excitement as a lad down at Bootham Crescent watching York City in the FA Cup run in 1954/5 with outstanding players I remember such as Billy Fenton, Tommy Forgan, Billy Hughes, Norman Wilkinson, Sid Storey and Arthur Bottom.

Their skills and tenacity captivated the country during this season – and they were part-time players on a pittance who had “proper” full time jobs. In that year football had a purity and magic that you can’t buy.

Since Division 1 separated from the Football League and became the “Premier” League in1992 our national game has fallen apart. How did they get away with the deal they carved out for themselves?

The Premiership is not English any more but a highly successful marketing phenomena based around world-wide BSkyB and BT television money. Incredible money like £3 billion between the clubs for three years– but they put peanuts back into little grassroots clubs such as York City and football in general.

What has this obscene amount of money done for our national team? Nothing. The World Cup highlights all the flaws and greed that is now our national “beautiful game”?

Give me the York City class of ’54 any day.

Keith Massey, Mill Lane, Acaster Malbis.