IN REPLY to Barrie Pawson’s letter of June 23. The point I was trying to make in my letter of June 19 was that all Park&Ride services should have a starting point and a turn-round point with no stops en route making, it a purely Park&Ride service then there would be no confusion about when and where they do not stop.

His remarks about people “who have a perfectly good service on the same route” does not apply everywhere.

Passengers in the Holly Bank district of York have an hourly service to get them to and from the city centre. Getting there is no problem, you plan your journey accordingly. But sometimes an hour in town is not enough and two hours is too long so, like my wife, people try to get a bus to the nearest point to home, in our case Watson Street or The Fox.

From either place we are faced with a long walk to our homes. Not everyone has a well-served route.

A P Cox, Heath Close, Holgate, York.