MUCH publicity has been given to the new Poppleton bus route, but when are the residents going to be told the exact route it takes into the city?

Also, which is the last bus stop along the route for picking up/setting down and just where does it supposedly terminate in the city centre?

I could use the Park&Ride easily, but so far no mention of the route it takes into the city has been mentioned and surely this is paramount to those of use who live here – we need to know.

The only thing I know about the said bus services is one has already broken down in its first week of service because I was stuck behind it in the traffic queue.

The obvious route to me would be to turn off before Poppleton Road School on to Water End and follow the Clifton Park&Ride through Leeman Road to set down at the library. I feel sure it would be the shortest route and avoid Holgate Hill/station problems.

Audrey Spence, Bramham Road, York.