REGARDING Cllr Anna Semlyen’s letter of June 19, have people actually found jobs or have they just given up trying to claim Job Seeker’s Allowance (JSA) since tougher rules were brought in last year?

After working all my life, I was made redundant at age 61 and found the whole process a nightmare.

You can only register for JSA online and need to register on Universal Jobsite on line so Department of Work an Pensions (DWP) can see you are actively seeking work on a daily basis.

The majority of companies will only accept online job applications. Not everyone is familiar with, or has access to, a computer. Failure to comply can result in unfair benefit sanctions (The Press, May 24).

I have now found a job and agree those who have no intention of working, or have not paid into the system, should not benefit. But companies should be open to applications other than on line.

Name and address supplied.