JULIAN Cole’s column on the draft local plan struck a chord (‘Fielding tricky green question’, The Press, June 19).

York Outer MP Julian Sturdy’s selective language is threatening to unbalance the debate on York’s local plan for jobs and homes.

Among hyperbole such as claiming York would become a “suburb of Leeds” – alongside other treats from Tories such as “Milton Keynes of the north” and “bulldozing/concreting over the Green Belt” (take your pick of word) – lies the misguided view that one York political party has any less respect for our city than the other.

Julian implies that the Tory message is “build your homes on someone else’s patch”. If this was recreated at Mr Sturdy’s public meetings, then he would be building a divisive urban vs rural debate rather than one about securing homes and jobs for generations of York citizens.

Putting the strong language aside and pinning down Tories on their proposals for housing figures and other local plan content is a challenge, such is their over-reliance on rhetoric.

Further potential local plan sites are out for consultation: sift through the facts, then have your say.

Councillor Neil Barnes, Labour, Hull Road ward, Member of local plan working group, City of York Council.