IT WAS with great interest that members of York Sustainable Development Project read the article in last Friday’s edition of The Press regarding the transformation of the Aviva building from offices to 47 apartments.

Finally, the penny has dropped.

In February this year our group called for a similar transformation of Stonebow House when we said: “The use of Stonebow House can be converted into a mixture of executive and affordable apartments, restaurants, bars, and shops.”

Also the size of the Aviva building is only 1,000 square feet less than Stonebow House. The developer of the Aviva building is obviously going to make a profit from the project, so why can’t the council do something similar?

If York is to become a truly sustainable city then land, buildings, green spaces and how we use them needs to be considered properly and may we say “radically”. York is not only about the past and present, it is obviously about the future, let planners and councillors have the foresight to bring forward sustainable decisions that enhance the lives of the citizens of York.

Gordon Campbell-Thomas, Chairperson, York Sustainable Development Project, Grosvenor Terrace, York