I WAS delighted to see that Councillor Dave Merrett was invited to the photocall for the launch of the new electric buses which are serving the A59 Park&Ride (The Press, June 12).

It was under Cllr Merrett’s leadership of the previous Labour-led administration that York took full advantage of various Government grant schemes to fund the opening of a succession of P&R routes.

Collectively these have led so far to the removal of several million car journeys to and from central York.

Park&Pedal gives the option of driving to the P&R site and taking a folding bike from the boot to complete one’s journey, or of cycling to the site’s secure bike parking and catching the bus.

Perhaps our new Lord Mayor, as a Poppleton resident, would like to inspire his neighbours by demonstrating this latter option!

York’s iTravel website at itravelyork.info/ has advice about a range of other journey options, which together can help York stave off gridlock for many more years.

But that threat is never going to go away.

Extensive cross-party support will be needed for some of the bolder measures that must be put in place, to make the most efficient use of our highway capacity.

Far better than promising the electorate a car user’s paradise which can never be delivered.

Paul Hepworth, Windmill Rise, Holgate, York.