THE new, improved Park&Ride sites have opened and our council tells us that they have done a special deal with First to have new electric buses - because electric is the new green future.

Meanwhile, they propose a new Local Plan to include a compressed gas terminal on green belt land in Askham Bryan because they want to bring a fleet a fleet of gas fuelled trucks into York.

This is in spite of environmental issues which may affect the SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) designated Askham Bog and in spite of the land having twice been turned down for other developments of a far less industrial nature.

Seemingly they plan this new development only because of close proximity to a compressed natural gas pipeline surfacing in that area.

With the resulting increased truck traffic impacting on the already under-resourced northern bypass (A1237) and the Copmanthorpe exit road to the A64, this is surely the thinking of people who have lost the plot.

The confusion between electric and gas and obscuring green belt issues is typical of a council that has made such a mess of Union Terrace, Lendal Bridge, 20’s Plenty and all the other issues we have read about in your pages.

If you are worried about environmental issues, then it is time to challenge this thinking.

Bob Redwood, Main Street, Askham Bryan, York.