SO it is all right for the speed cushions and ramps in Campleshon Road to cause undue wear and tear to the suspension of my car, but they must not cause inconvenience to the riders in the Tour de France (Speed cushions removed from outside York school amid fears for TdF cyclists, June 11).

Tony Clarke is obviously unaware that these riders are the same ones who regularly ride at breakneck speed over rough cobbles and paved roads when racing on the continent. The Paris-Roubaix race for instance.

As for the 20mph speed limit, it will have to be suspended for the day because I can assure the head of transport that the peloton will be travelling much faster than that.

No doubt we will see many more examples of money being spent purely for “Le Tour” when other roads are falling into disrepair as though we were a Third World country.

Peter Roberts, Thornhills, Haxby.