DURING the Queen's visit to York on April 5, 2012, I wrote about how this disrespectful Labour administration had failed to fly any Union flags over their city buildings.

The three handsome flagpoles on the balcony of the St Leonard's Place offices, only a few hundred yards from the Minster where Her Majesty presented the Maundy money, stood devoid of any flag.

In contrast, the sight of the Royal Standard fluttering over the Minster's western tower was awe-inspiring.

The Council did string some bunting between lamp-posts, but most was provided by York residents with many Union flags hoisted by hotels, shops and businesses.

As a proud Yorkshireman, Peter Coates (Letters, May 5) bemoaned the absence of the English flag for St George's Day for fear of upsetting foreigners.

The City now has a distinctive yellow hue with pennants, banners, T-shirts and sprayed bicycles etc in readiness for July 6 - Le Tour de France Le Grand Debacle.

When these bikers and their flashy support vehicles hit town, I bet the Council will have raised numerous French national flags - Le Tricolour, together with the European blue rag, particularly in the newly created "Le Boulevard St Leonard's".

Without a pole at the new flagship West Offices, the Labour Council cannot join in Le Grand Departy and fly a flag of any colour - not even their beloved red one!

Geoffrey Widdows, East Mount Road, York