IT IS unacceptable that senior Labour councillors are attempting to block Liberal Democrat calls for an inquiry into the botched Lendal Bridge trial (Lendal Bridge Inquiry Opposed, The Press, June 5).

Part of the problem with the trial from the start was the lack of consultation and openness with residents and businesses.

Labour now seems intent on repeating this mistake by trying to block an open scrutiny review of the policy.

Residents deserve answers to questions which Labour has ducked so far: why there was no proper public consultation, why signage was so poor, how the council ended-up running an "unlawful" scheme, and why the 50,000 plus motorists fined have not been repaid.

These questions are important so that lesson can be learned and mistakes not repeated. It is not good enough for the Labour leader and cabinet member to bury their heads in the sand and hope this goes away.

The final decision on whether to approve the scrutiny review will be taken next week by the cross-party economic scrutiny committee on which Labour holds a majority.

I hope that the backbench Labour councillors on this committee have the courage to support our calls for a review.

Coun Keith Aspden, Group Leader York Liberal Democrats, Heath Moor Drive, Fulford, York.