PETER ROBERTS recently outlined why filling potholes can sometimes provide low value for money as the material used to fill potholes then often needs replacing again (Pothole fiasco, April 17).

He is right and it is an argument that has been used nationally by local government to explain to central Government why large scale road investment is needed.

Some will be surprised, but we spend more on roads in York than almost anywhere else in Yorkshire and we still do not commit the investment needed.

This is because we have 45 per cent less funding from Government and there is increased demand and cost for elderly care.

However, to help boost the quality of our roads, Labour recently announced £2 million towards road repairs in York.

This will include full resurfacing which lasts longer than replaced potholes. This will not resolve all of York’s pothole issues, but it will help.

Coun James Alexander, Labour Leader of City of York Council.