COASTLINER summer timetable is out and once again the residents of Stockton Lane in York have drawn the short straw.

Last year it was the residents of Stockton-on-the-Forest who had no bus service after 20.45 from York and complaints were made and it has been changed to 22.55.

The last bus going to York from Stockton-on-the-Forest/Galtres Road/Heworth Church runs at 20.33. I cannot believe that in summer the last bus from Stonebow to Leeds is at 22.12.

Why can’t this bus run to either Stockton-on-the-Forest or Galtres Road as it did in the winter timetable and run later so the people of Copmanthorpe and Tadcaster can go to the theatre or pictures in York which they cannot do now.

The council tells you to get out of the car and use the bus, we would if we had a decent service.

Mr Wright, Whitehouse Gardens, York.