COULD I ask why the old “no right turn” road marking has not been restored at the Lendal/Museum Street junction in York pending a decision on future intent.

A disc on a pole 20-foot in the air would not be considered by any reasonable person as adequate.

Traffic constantly continues to shoot across and turn right into Museum Street with no consideration for those crossing from the Museum Gardens, usually occupying the “keep clear” area on the crossing and obstructing pedestrians using the crossing.

This is an obvious danger and probably the reason why this admittedly inconvenient detour via the station was originally introduced.

I am in my seventies and have on several occasions had to take avoiding action when crossing, with an alacrity I was unaware I still possessed.

Unlike the man hit by a car who said in his accident statement that it must have been his fault as he had been knocked down before, I would prefer not to be knocked down at all.

Mike Smithson, Longfield Terrace, York.