THE Tour de France is coming soon, as we all know.

I live in the Bishopthorpe Road area of York, and wonder if the stretch of road between Butcher Terrace and Campleshon Road will be resurfaced, or at least repaired in time for the riders to go by?

If not, I envisage lots of cyclists coming off their bikes with all the loose gravel there is on this stretch. At the moment the gravel is under all the cars.

Any biker or cyclist will tell you how dangerous loose gravel can be. It's like riding on marbles.

Let's hope this gets sorted out before the race, this part of Bishopthorpe Road has not been repaired for years. Hasn't the council thought of this? The council is moving all the cars so the tour can proceed, but this road is bad.

Mrs J Dawson, Butcher Terrace, York.